The Giants of Tailgating
As long time season ticket holders and avid tailgaters, we were looking for ways to streamline our game day routine. Instead of having to load and unload all of our tailgating equipment in the wife's Yukon and having it smell all week like a BBQ, we came up with an idea to build a large wheeled box that we could slide into the trailer hitch on the car and store all of our gear. The problem was we had so much stuff we made the box so big it was impossible to lift into the trailer hitch.


Well as luck would have it, we knew of an old ambulance being sold by a local rescue squad. We got together at the next home game to discuss purchasing this used ambulance and turn it into our tailgate truck. We purchased the truck in October of 2010 and the rest as they say is history; The Giants of Tailgating was born.


We quickly had the rig wrapped. We installed a 40" TV, stereo system, beer tap and arranged all of the interior and exterior cabinets and shelves to accommodate all of our equipment. Over the last few years, we added additional bench seating with a cooler and storage underneath, a fully HD satellite dish that is affixed to the roof. We also have the ability to serve two different beers on tap. In addition to the 40" TV, we also have a 24" TV inside the rig and a 46" TV that mounts to the exterior passenger side of the vehicle. 


What we've been able to do with this rig has far exceeded any of our expectations. We've had a couple get engaged at our tailgate, been on numerous television shows including The Chew, Fox Good Day NY and MSG Opening Drive. We also hosted a tailgate party that was broadcast live throughout the entire country of Japan just prior to our Super Bowl victory in 2012. We have also had the honor of hosting fellow fans from over 8 different countries throughout the world.


Our motto is Great Times, Great Food and of course.....A Giants Victory!!!